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Upholstery Cleaning Wimberley TX

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Deep Furniture Cleaning in Wimberley TX

 Does your furniture need cleaned? Give us a call today at 512.892.1116 or schedule your appointment today HERE.

Professional Furniture Cleaning in Wimberley, TX

Has it been awhile since your furniture has been cleaned and it’s showing? Let us at Capital of Texas Chem-Dry in Wimberley get your furniture back to its original beauty. It’s much cheaper than purchasing a new furniture, such as a couch. We have professionals that are trained on cleaning your upholstery in Wimberley! Not only can our experts professionally clean your couch, we also know how to handle all kinds of fabrics, even the more delicate fabrics such silk!

High Quality Upholstery Cleaning

Here in Wimberley we use a unique process when we clean your furniture. This upholstery cleaning process involves carbonation, similar to our carpet cleaning process. When we use our carbonation process to get your furniture cleaner, it allows us to get a deeper and healthier clean. Not only will you have amazingly clean furniture but your furniture will also last longer while looking new again. Our professionals are highly qualified and trained to handle the most delicate fabrics. Don’t hesitate to call us when you need your furniture cleaned!

Give Us A Chance To Clean Your Furniture

Give us a chance in Wimberley to clean your furniture! We will get results that you’ll be impressed with and you’ll see immediate results. So let us come and clean your furniture. Come schedule an APPOINTMENT with us or iif you have any additional questions give us a call at 512.892.1116. We look forawrd to meeting you.