Carpet Cleaning

3 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes 

Not Removing Stains Promptly

If you drop or spill something on your carpets it’s important to clean it up immediately! If you wait too long to remove it, it can become a permanent stain and/or be harder to remove. Depending on what it is that you spill it can ruin your carpets fibers or sink into the padding of your carpets.

It’s important that you blot, scrape, or brush the stain out. DO NOT scrub or rub it in!

Not Using The Right Carpet Cleaner

If you use household cleaners, like laundry detergent or other household cleaning products it can damage your carpets. They usually contain bleach and/or will have harsh chemicals that will fade and blemish your carpet.

Learn more about our our eco-friendly carpet clean here. If you want a deep and healthy carpet clean!

Avoiding Professional Carpet Cleaners

It’s recommended to get your carpets professionally cleaned at least yearly. Depending on your home you may need it more frequently, this is especially true if you have kids or pets. At Capital of Texas Chem-Dry we specialize in carpet cleaning, area and oriental rug cleaning, stain removal, and may other services. Take a look at all we have to offer to learn more. Schedule your appointment below! 

3 carpet cleaning mistakes


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